Video Editing

Aristocrat Design most valuable post-production asset is not our high-tech equipment or cutting- edge software. It’s our carefully curate collection of world-class video editors. Our diverse roster of award-winning artists and master craftsmen spans the media spectrum, from feature film and documentary editors to editors for music videos, TV spots, movie trailers, motion graphics, and corporate videos, as well as journalism, live events, experiential design, and reality TV editors. This creative diversity allows Indigo to select the ideal lead editor for every project based on the project’s specific objectives, constraints, and creative aspirations.

At Aristocrat Designs, video editing is an art form, and like all art, it can be approached from many different perspectives. Give the same set of footage to 10 accomplished editors and you’re likely to get back 10 different videos. The choice of editor is often the most critical decision we make during the post production process. Each of Indigo’s senior editors is a master storyteller in their own right maestros of drama and emotion, sculptors of image and sound, and field generals for the rest of our post-production team—responsible for transforming a myriad of disparate creative elements into a unified cohesive whole.

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