Instagram for business

In the technology-driven world, take your business virtual. The advent of the digital era has transformed our lifestyles and interaction with the society drastically. The impact of technology is enormous and influences people of all walks of life. We live in an age not only equipped with novel innovations that ease our daily chores but on a virtual platform where we can project our ideas, connect with the community and create an identity for ourselves.

Instagram, one such popular social media platform facilitates us to share our notions and build an association with the world. Businesses can make use of this portal to connect with the target audience and promote their brand’s identity. It is a form of creative advertisement campaign platform which provides opportunities for businesses to endorse their Brand’s value and outlook. It has the potential to reach larger mass as over 700 million users visit Instagram every month.

Projecting your Brand’s value in a creative way:

Instagram is a platform for creativity, so craft your Brand’s value in an artistic fashion to attract attention. Don’t force it, make it subtle and focus on innovative ways to draw attention. Emphasize visual contents with an inspiring slogan (indirect slogan addressing your products or service) or your Brand’s tagline. Add your company’s logo with your tagline on every promotional post. Visual contents register in people’s mind more quickly than words. Make it catchy and appealing with trendy and humorous contents.

Don’t post about your product or services rather focus on the impacts and transformation it can bring into their lives. Tell the world how much you love your products and designed it with much passion and dedication.

Designing unique theme specific to your Brand:

Splash some colors or stick with a theme unique to your brand or with one that suits your Brand. In order to grab people’s attention post regular updates with your unique designs or themes specific to your Brand but with different content. Design it with a theme unique to your Brand, so the next time they see a post with the similar theme they will relate it to your Brand. The usage of a constant theme in all post with different contents will create a standard specific to your Brand.

Updating regularly:

You must keep reminding people about your Brand with innovative contents but don’t bore them with repeated contents. Craft each post in such a way that it is different from the previous one and doesn’t look repetitive. You can use each post to convey a specific feature of your product instead of dumping all in one post. Address the problem and the solution your product/service offers to tackle it. Flaunt the features of your products with a creative touch instead of making it look like a Brochure. Remember it is a social media platform, formal way of conveying your product’s features or endorsing will not attract much attention. Regularly updating your Brand’s value will remind people and make your Brand a household name. Updating constantly paves a way to create an identity for your Brand along with familiarity. It reflects your Brand’s values and appeals to the intended audience.

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